Tom Benson
Tomu Benson
Birthdate June 2, 2077
Age 12
Gender Male
Species Human
Partner(s) Ally Connolly, Rodney Ford
Team Colony Elemental Hunter
Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Akio Suyama

Tom Benson (トム・ベンソン Tomu Benson?) is 13 year-old biy and a member of th Colony Element Hunters.

Character OutlineEdit

An aloof member of the colony team. His optimistic sense of humor is frequently at odds with his teammates, and he is shown to be more amicable than the rest of his team. Despite this, he is still a bit elitist, though he is quicker to accept the Earth Team than the rest of his team. He collects minerals and gems on Nega-Earth as a side hobby. Tom knows everything there is to know about Hannah. He becomes rather upset when Hannah does not acknowledge him, but Tom is quite happy when Chiara gives him her signed autograph. He is also quick to point out the growing attraction between Chiara and Rodney, as shown in episode 26. He says, "Make sure to invite me to the wedding."