Rodney Ford
Rodonī Fōdo
Birthdate Ocotber 1, 2077
Age 12
Gender Male
Species Human
Partner(s) Ally Connolly, Tom Benson
Team Colony Elemental Hunter
Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Nozomu Sasaki

Rodney Ford (ロドニー・フォード Rodonī Fōdo?) is a 13 year old boy and a member of the Colony Element Hunters.

Character OutlineEdit

A serious and handsome, frequently elitist member of the colony team. He is upset that Hannah has been made their leader after Ally left and does not trust her. On the other hand, Rodney changed his views a bit about Hannah after she saves him, although he questions why she lies to him and Tom. Rodney comes from a rich family and hates it when people speak poorly of his wealth. He also shows a strong desire to not rely on his father to achieve his goals in life. Rodney and Chiara has a growing relationship and has been quickly pointed out by their team mates. In episode 22, Hannah points out that Rodney has recently been thinking a lot about Chiara. They both deny anything happening between them, but their interactions say otherwise. In episode 35 he constanly worries about Chiara and the danger that she is getting herself in and during his usual arguement with her, he confesses his love to her. and rodney loves chiara very much and at the last episode rodney even invited chiara for a date.