Ren Karas
Ren Karasu
Birthdate October 9, 2077
Age 12
Gender Male
Species Human
Partner(s) Chiara Ferina

Homi Nandie

Team Earth Elemental Hunter
Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Yūtaro Motoshiro (Japanese)

Misuk Jeong (Korean)

Ren Karas (レン・カラス Ren Karasu?) is a 12 year-old boy and the seemingly vice-leader and the muscle of the Earth Element Hunters team. height 157cm. weight 46kg.

Character OutlineEdit

An energetic child who seems to be searching for excitement and adventure. He lacks patience for learning, and prefers to meet challenges head on. Although he sometimes gets into trouble for acting before thinking, his ingenuity has help his group several times in defeating various QEX.

At the end of Episode 1, he blushes as he look at Ally Connolly, the former leader of the Colony Element Hunters, hinting an attraction. Both Homi and Ren admire Hannah Weber,a famous idol and celebrity, though Ren still thinks that Ally "smells better" than Hannah.

In episode 31, Hannah tells Ren that his grandfather's death was connected with Professor Aimee Carr, the Earth Element Hunters' director. Upon hearing the truth, Ren still found his way to forgive Professor Aimee Carr because he wants to devote himself to the team as his grandfather once did.


Three years before the main story line, he meet Chiara Ferina a new transfer student. Ren thought of Chiara as nothing more than a bossy person who bullied her way into becoming the class president, while Ren was made her vice-president. He and Chiara were asked by their teacher to deliver a school note to Homi Nandie who back them did not attend school after becoming afraid of dealing with people since he had miss to many classes due to an illness. Originally the three often bump heads as they tended to disagree on most stuff. Ren had been taking care of a loss puppy named Sena, but during an elemental dematerialization a fragment from a cell phone satellite hit the building in which the puppy was kept. Ren was holding a piece of the roof that had collapsed, and was meet by Chiara who had also been taken care of Sena. While Chiara tried to untie Sena's leash but Ren was unable to keep the roof from falling on them. Ren, Chaira and Sena were saved by Homi who had seen the crash and had gone to investigate. The three were able to escape unharmed and Ren convinced Homi to come to school. After this the three became good friends.